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What kind of books do you review at Mysterious Reviews?

We only review the books that would generally be shelved under the "mystery" category at a major bookseller or books that would be available at your local mystery bookstore. In general, if it's a mystery, suspense, or thriller novel, we'll consider reviewing it.

Are there any types of mysteries that you don't review?

Yes. We don't review true crime, which we consider to be a separate category altogether. We also tend to shy away from horror books (though that's not a hard and fast rule).

How do you select which mystery books to review?

We are generally open to reviewing almost any book that would be considered a "mystery", but try to select books for review that we might purchase ourselves. There are many factors that go into a purchase, and hence review decision. Have we read anything by the author in the past? If so, were we impressed or disappointed? Does the book synopsis sound interesting? Is it a subgenre that we enjoy reading? We readily admit there are certain types of mysteries that don't appeal to us and we usually decline requests to review them.

In addition, we typically only accept books for review that are soon to be published, or have been recently published (within the past month or so). With very few exceptions, we do not accept new editions of previously published books.

Do you get paid to review books?

No. Although we may receive at no charge advance reading copies or review copies of books, we do not accept any payment from the author, publicist, or publisher to review books.

It seems as if you grade books on a "curve", with most mysteries getting "average" reviews. Is this true?

No, we don't grade on a curve. But the fact is that most mysteries are average. That doesn't mean they aren't good, only that in our opinion they didn't distinguish themselves in some way. We typically reserve our highest ratings for those mysteries that we rush out to tell our friends and family about. At the opposite end of the spectrum, if we finish a mystery and it fails to meet our expectations, we will downgrade it and always state our reasons.

Do you review independent press books? Do you review self-published books?

Yes. We try to review books from a wide variety of sources. But it should also be said that we hold these books to the same standard as applied to traditional publishers and expect them to have been professionally edited and formatted; careless or sloppy editing or formatting will be noted in our review.

Do you review ebooks?

Yes … but at present we generally only accept those available via NetGalley, though we do make exceptions on a case by case basis. Please do not send us unsolicited messages with attachments; they are automatically deleted without being opened.

What if you elect not to review my book. Is there any other way I can reach your readers?

We offer all authors the opportunity to participate in NO CHARGE "author events": interviews, guest posts, excerpts, and the like on our blog, Omnimystery News. See our Author Events page for more information on these promotional activities.

What's the best way to contact you for more information on getting a mystery reviewed?

Send a message to We will promptly respond.