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Mysterious Reviews, in partnership with the Hidden Staircase Mystery Books, is your source for current mystery, suspense and thriller book reviews. We are a business unit of the Omnimystery Family of Mystery Websites.

Our most recent reviews are listed below, which is also available as an RSS feed. Click on either the book title or the book image to visit the review page.

An Updated New and Current Review List Will Be Available Soon!

A list of all reviews on this site includes the year of review as well as our "star" rating (from 1 to 5). Ratings (and reviews) are always subjective, but we believe readers of crime, suspense and thriller novels will likely enjoy any of the books listed here simply because they are mysteries!

Here are the general guidelines we follow when assigning a "star" rating to our reviews:

5 starsAn outstanding mystery. One of the year's best.

4 starsA very good mystery. Definitely worth reading.

3 starsAn average mystery. Good, but nothing special.

2 starsA weak mystery. Could have, should have been better.

1 starA poor mystery. Not recommended.

A very small number of books received by us every year are not reviewed, for any of a number of reasons. Sometimes because they didn't capture our interest or attention and we chose not to complete them, but in many cases simply because, due to time constraints, the reviewer selected another mystery to review instead. You can see a list of not reviewed titles on this page.

For information about having a mystery book reviewed by us, please visit our FAQ page.

We have also had the opportunity to interview some of the authors whose books we have reviewed, which are listed on our Author Interview index page. Our most recent interviews, however, appear on our blog,

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