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Final Theory

A David Swift and Monique Reynolds Mystery by Mark Alpert

Final Theory by Mark Alpert

Review: Mark Alpert crafts a thrilling quest in search of Einstein's final theory, the one that unites the forces of the universe into a single set of equations, in the aptly titled Final Theory, an exciting if rather routine novel that seems destined for the silver screen.

David Swift is a historian who has written the definitive guide to the physicists who studied under Albert Einstein. David, who once studied physics under one of these physicists, Hans Kleinman, is summoned to his hospital bed after he was found near dead, tortured. With his dying breath, he relates a fantastic tale that Einstein had developed the final theory, the Einheitliche Feldtheorie, but suppressed its publication. He recites a code, a sequence of numbers, to David then dies. As David tries to leave the hospital, he's taken into custody by the FBI. Escaping, he's pursued by both the FBI and an unknown hit man who's also determined to know exactly what David knows. It isn't until David meets up with a former colleague, also a physicist, that they piece together the puzzle of the final theory.

Final Theory is certainly a thrilling adventure in the same way that the Indiana Jones and Ben Gates (National Treasure) movies are since they all follow the same basic plot. Indeed, some scenes in the book seem lifted directly from one or more of these movies. Instead of looking for the Ark of the Covenant or a secret hidden treasure of gold, though, David is seeking a series of equations. But don't try to dig too deeply here or ask the "Why didn't he just do such and such?" type of questions (and there are dozens of these) lest be disappointed with the obvious answer. With this kind of novel it's best simply to sit back and enjoy the ride.

For those who insist on reading more into Final Theory, however, one of the more entertaining exercises is to make note of people (or objects) that are introduced into the story but who (or which) have little apparent connection to the plot. At some point in the future, that person (or object) will get David and his cohorts out of a life-threatening jam, which, it must be said, happens with alarming regularity. So whether it's a snake handler or a Zippo lighter or the many, many other unexpected people and things that keep popping up along the way, they all come into play eventually.

Final Theory is a fine choice for anyone looking for light, escapist entertainment that doesn't tax (in a supremely ironic way) the intellect too greatly. Otherwise, it's rather disappointing.

Acknowledgment: Touchstone provided an ARC of Final Theory for this review.

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Final Theory by Mark Alpert

Final Theory by A David Swift and Monique Reynolds Mystery

Publisher: Touchstone
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