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Page One: Hit and Run

A Robin Hamilton Mystery by Nancy Barr

Page One: Hit and Run by Nancy Barr

Review: Nancy Barr introduces Robin Hamilton, a journalist who has recently returned to her home town in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, in the crisply written Page One: Hit and Run.

When a pillar of the community is killed by a hit and run outside her home, Robin begins to think it may have been more than just a tragic accident. The owner of the truck involved in the incident is quickly identified and taken into custody. But his story doesn't quite fit the facts and for personal reasons, Robin feels compelled to commence her own investigation. As she conducts both on and off the record interviews with the people involved in the story, she uncovers a complex scheme of deception, fraud, and murder.

Though the plot is, at times, unnecessarily complicated, Barr handles her narrative smoothly. A journalist herself from the Upper Peninsula, she adds authentic details about how a small town newspaper operates and of the community which it serves. Her experience as a news editor shows in her writing, effectively blending concise, clear prose with descriptive details.

Page One: Hit and Run, with its engaging sleuth and appealing locale, serves as a promising start to this mystery series.

Acknowledgment: Arbutus Press provided a copy of Page One: Hit and Run for this review.

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Location(s) referenced in Page One: Hit and Run: Upper Peninsula, Michigan

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Page One: Hit and Run by Nancy Barr

Page One: Hit and Run by A Robin Hamilton Mystery

Publisher: Arbutus Press
Format: Trade Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1-933926-15-5
Publication Date:
List Price: $16.95

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