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Angel's Fall

A Mike Travis Mystery by Baron R. Birtcher

Angel's Fall by Baron R. Birtcher

Review: Scuba charter owner Mike Travis becomes embroiled in the investigation of a missing teenager in Angels Fall, the third mystery in this series by Baron R. Birtcher.

Mike's Hawaiian life is nearly ideal in paradise. He lives on his yacht, the love of his life returns his love, his scuba diving business is going well, and he's part owner of a lucrative coffee bean operation. But he also finds himself with his spoiled teenage runaway nephew, Miles. When Edita, the daughter of Mike's partner, asks him to locate her missing friend, he's hesitant. Ashley hasn't been seen or heard from in four days, but her parents refuse to involve the police. Ashley's 18 years old and has a right to disappear, he reasons. Besides, he has no authority to be involved. Regardless, he finally does agree to look into the matter, and Mike, together with Miles and Edita, enter a dark world of religious prejudice, designer drugs, date rape, suicide, and murder.

The narrative moves along at a rapid clip in Angels Fall which is probably a good thing as it doesn't allow the reader too much time to dwell on some of the seemingly far-fetched plot points. The characters are colorfully drawn, a little larger than life maybe, not quite caricatures, but close. The contrast between the dark and sometimes lurid environment in which Mike finds himself and the nearly idyllic image that many people have of the islands is almost surreal and stylishly accomplished.

Angels Fall is not quite the crime noir novel that the author may have intended, but as a suspense thriller with a number of unexpected plot twists, it works well.

Special thanks to guest reviewer Betty of The Betz Review for contributing her review of Angel's Fall.

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Location(s) referenced in Angel's Fall: Hawaii

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Angel's Fall by Baron R. Birtcher

Angel's Fall by A Mike Travis Mystery

Publisher: Iota Publishing
Format: Hardcover
ISBN-13: 978-0-9793720-1-8
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List Price: $23.95

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