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by Nancy Bush

Unseen by Nancy Bush

Review: Some may consider Nancy Bush's stand-alone novel Unseen a supernatural thriller, but it's really not: it's an imaginative mystery that will beguile the reader.

Gemma LaPorte wakes up in a hospital with no memory of how she got there, or when, or why. Detective Will Tanninger, who is at the hospital to speak with her, tells her she had walked into the emergency room and collapsed. She had been badly bruised and was bleeding. Further examination strongly suggested that she had a mild concussion, all injuries comparable to those sustained in an automobile accident. She had been admitted as Jane Doe inasmuch as she had no identification with her. Awake and alert, questions are now being asked: What is your name? What happened? Who brought you here? Gemma tells Tanninger her name and that she has no memory of what had happened or how she got to the hospital. He then asks what her last memory is. She tells him she remembers having breakfast and looking out her window watching a heavy rainfall. Tanninger knows the last rain they had was three days ago. He tells Gemma that a woman answering her description was seen the day before deliberately running down a man, a pedophile, with her automobile and then speeding away. Although she has no memory of the incident, Gemma is positive she could not have done it. From that moment on Gemma's life takes on two time dimensions: before the accident — and after the accident. After the accident is becoming clear in her mind, but before the accident is like a jigsaw puzzle of memories with missing pieces. She hopes to restore her splintered memories, but in doing so what will she find out about herself?

Unseen is a riveting novel and the character at the center of it all is mesmerizing. Gemma has been told by her mother that she has the "gift", that she can see, or at least feel, the future. Gemma has never believed this herself, but she knows she has violent headaches and blackout spells. A deranged man in town certainly believes it, perceiving himself as a wolf and Gemma as a witch, someone to be burned on a pyre, to be sent to hell. As Gemma learns more about her past she begins to see herself as both good and evil. But she doesn't know which is her true self.

The suspense continues to build through the twisted maze of Gemma's memories to what can only be described as a shocking conclusion. Unseen is, quite simply, an electrifying thriller.

Special thanks to guest reviewer Betty of The Betz Review for contributing her review of Unseen.

Acknowledgment: Nancy Berland Public Relations provided a copy of Unseen for this review.

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Location(s) referenced in Unseen: Oregon

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Unseen by Nancy Bush

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