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Hit or Missus

A Peri Minneopa Mystery by Gayle Carline

Hit or Missus by Gayle Carline

Synopsis (from the publisher): Surveillance assignments are low-stress, easy money for private investigator Peri Minneopa. Take some pictures, write a nice report and collect the fee. Her new case is a routine one: a rich husband suspects his wife of infidelity. Just because bad things start happening to her when she takes the job doesn't mean anything.

Peri's boyfriend, Detective Skip Carlton, is investigating the death of Peri's elderly neighbor. It looks like a heart attack, which is how her husband died two weeks ago. He realizes elderly couples sometimes die within a short time of each other. It's not unusual.

Skip's elderly couple had left legal papers lying out on the table, involving a year-old real estate purchase. There's a note on the papers from Peri's client. He is a real estate developer, so it's not that odd.

Peri doesn't believe in coincidences, any more than Skip does. When their cases collide, she begins poking her nose into police business and immediately butts heads with her boyfriend. She wants to know who is harassing her, and what happened to her neighbor. Skip wants to keep her out of danger and keep his case from being compromised.

For Peri, getting to the truth will require more help than Skip and the police are willing to give. She is forced to rely on an unlikely partner, an annoying lit­tle man who is obsessed with Dean Martin.

If she can keep her sanity and her life ...

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Hit or Missus by Gayle Carline

Hit or Missus by Gayle Carline — A Peri Minneopa Mystery

Publisher: CreateSpace
Format: Trade Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1-4610-9359-6
Publication Date: May 2011
List Price: $13.99

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