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Death at the Jesus Hospital

A Lord Francis Powerscourt Mystery by David Dickinson

Death at the Jesus Hospital by David Dickinson

Review: Lord Francis Powerscourt is called in to investigate three murders, the only apparent links between the victims being an ancient company, The Silkworkers of London, and a peculiar symbol carved into their chests, in Death at the Jesus Hospital, the 12th mystery in this series by David Dickinson.

When Powerscourt is first summoned, only one man had been killed, Abel Meredith, a resident of the Jesus Hospital almshouse in Buckinghamshire. Thought to be homeless and destitute, he was cared for by the generosity of one George Allison from the 16th century, who had originally endowed the facility. The organization's finances are now in the hands of the Silkworkers Company. Shortly after Powerscourt's arrival, Roderick Gill, the bursar of the company, is murdered. The motive here may be a bit more obvious, as he was considered a ladies' man and was known to have seduced a number of women from his church. And then a third, Sir Rufus Walcott, who was attending a gala dinner for the Silkworkers in London, is stabbed through the heart. The three men didn't know each other, and nothing in their past suggests their paths ever crossed, yet the connection to the Silkworkers cannot be denied. Nor can the strange markings on the mens' chests, which Powerscourt is sure is the key to solving the crimes.

Death at the Jesus Hospital is a remarkable mystery, one that combines elements of British history with a compelling murder investigation. Though the twelfth book to showcase the talents of Lord Powerscourt, there are no signs of this series getting stale or repetitive, with this one featuring an original storyline that has a surprise twist or two in store for the reader.

Special thanks to guest reviewer Betty of The Betz Review for contributing her review of Death at the Jesus Hospital.

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Death at the Jesus Hospital by David Dickinson

Death at the Jesus Hospital by A Lord Francis Powerscourt Mystery

Publisher: Soho Constable
Format: Hardcover
ISBN-13: 978-1-61695-084-2
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