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Falling Immortality

A Casey Holden Mystery by Robert Downs

Falling Immortality by Robert Downs

Review: PI Casey Holden takes on a cold case murder when a woman with "crystal blue eyes" wearing "a blue skirt two inches too short" asks for his help in Falling Immortality, the first mystery in this series by Robert Downs.

Felicity Farren's husband Artis was murdered two years ago and the police haven't make much progress in nabbing the killer. An ex-cop himself, Holden knows how the department works and how, after two years, there aren't likely to be many, if any, new leads to pursue. Artis was in a bar when a man entered, pointed a gun at him and pulled the trigger, then calmly left. None of the witnesses had seen him before, and no one has seen him since. "I can't pay you very much," she tells him. No surprise there. Still, Holden's interest is piqued more so by the client than the case itself and he agrees to look into the matter.

The cold case murder mystery plotline doesn't offer anything new or different, but is handled well enough as far as it goes, though the resolution tends to strain credibility. Falling Immortality is, rather, all about character, in particular that of series lead Casey Holden. He's good looking and witty, with an abundance of money and sex appeal to back him up. And he's the first to say so. The women in his life, his new client notwithstanding, aren't wallflowers or pushovers, but when up against the Holden charm offensive they don't stand a chance. He's even in top form when in a bar fight: "I saw the punch coming so I started dancing. It was a dance floor after all, and I hadn't gotten my groove on in a while, so I figured, why not? I added some shucks and jives to my white boy dance, and the crowd started to get into it." He walks away unharmed, of course, exit stage right. The bottom line here is, to enjoy this book you have to buy into the character.

Acknowledgment: Rainbow Books provided a copy of Falling Immortality for this review.

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Location(s) referenced in Falling Immortality: Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Falling Immortality by Robert Downs

Falling Immortality by A Casey Holden Mystery

Publisher: Rainbow Books
Format: Trade Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1-56825-126-4
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