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No Place To Hide

A "Hidden Identity" Mystery by Lynette Eason

No Place To Hide by Lynette Eason

Review: Jackie Sellers and Ian Lockwood were childhood friends and now are brought together again when Jackie watches the local news and sees that Ian, a medical researcher at Wainwright Labs and working on finding a cure for a potentially deadly virus, is being accused by the FBI of planning a terrorist attack somewhere in the United States, in No Place To Hide, a Hidden Identity novel of suspense by Lynette Eason.

Jackie was once a cop, but is now a member of a group called Operation Rescue. She remembers Ian and is confident he would never turn against his country, and immediately sets out to find him and help him prove his innocence. For his part, Ian has explained that he mistakenly received a coded message that should have been sent to an Ian Peterson, and although he doesn't understand the message, someone who knows what it means is aware he has received it and is now after him to kill him to retrieve the message. Separately, the government is trying to cover up the theft of a small pox virus, and has announced there has been an outbreak and everyone should get a vaccine shot to prevent them from getting the disease. Their choice of culprit: Ian Lockwood, labeled as America's No.1 criminal. It is a case of "bring him in dead or alive".

With Jackie searching for Ian, word has spread the he now has a female accomplice so now both Jackie and Ian they are running for their lives with no place to hide. But Ian's faith tells him where ever they go God goodness in the face of evil will sustain them. Jackie is not that sure.

Jackie and Ian are very likeable characters and the plot of No Place To Hideis filled with elements of suspense and fear though the overall plot comes across as a little under-developed. Indeed, in the end this is far more of a character-driven story. The chemistry between Jackie and Ian is electrifying as both run away from the FBI and the criminals who want them dead, but also from friends who have known and cared for them both from childhood. Overall, a nice way to end the solidly-written and enjoyable Hidden Identity trilogy, but of the three books, this is probably, ever so slightly, the weakest.

Special thanks to guest reviewer Betty of The Betz Review for contributing her review of No Place To Hide.

Acknowledgment: Baker Publishing Group provided a copy of No Place To Hide for this review.

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No Place To Hide by Lynette Eason

No Place To Hide by A "Hidden Identity" Mystery

Publisher: Revell
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