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Her Brother's Keeper

A Joan Spencer Mystery by Sara Hoskinson Frommer

Her Brother's Keeper by Sara Hoskinson Frommer

Review: Joan and Fred Spencer's plans for their daughter Rebecca's wedding go wildly awry when Joan's brother Dave, who she hasn't seen in years, decides to attend only to end up with a knife in his back in Her Brother's Keeper, the seventh mystery in this series by Sara Hoskinson Frommer.

Unknown to Joan, Rebecca had sent an invitation to Dave. Joan's memories of her brother are not fond; he was a wild teenager and was constantly getting into all kinds of trouble, eventually ending up in prison for a white collar crime. Now with all the preparations for the wedding and her job at the senior citizen's home, she has to deal with Dave. To add to the strain, the groom's mother disapproves of every decision the young couple have made, from what the bride will wear to the bed-and-breakfast, where they will have their rehearsal dinner, to the church they are to be married in. It is at the rehearsal dinner when Dave, in the kitchen helping with preparations, is stabbed … and Joan is horrified to discover that her own mother-in-law is holding the knife over the body.

Her Brother's Keeper is a captivating, absorbing family mystery. The characters are uniformly well drawn, with a good mixture of individual strengths and weaknesses, and almost as interesting, their own perceived strengths. (No one readily admits to their own weaknesses!) Joan and Fred have a wonderful, loving relationship, and it's refreshing that their children are just as appealing as characters. The storyline is nicely set up and unfolds in a credible manner, and is enjoyable from start to finish.

Special thanks to guest reviewer Betty of The Betz Review for contributing her review of Her Brother's Keeper.

Acknowledgment: Perseverance Press provided a copy of Her Brother's Keeper for this review.

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Location(s) referenced in Her Brother's Keeper: Indiana

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Her Brother's Keeper by Sara Hoskinson Frommer

Her Brother's Keeper by A Joan Spencer Mystery

Publisher: Perseverance Press
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ISBN-13: 978-1-56474-525-5
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