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Chasing the Devil's Tail

A Valentin St. Cyr Mystery by David Fulmer

Chasing the Devil's Tail by David Fulmer

Review: David Fulmer introduces Valentin St. Cyr in his first mystery, Chasing the Devil's Tail.

This atmospheric mystery has all the elements of a great book: memorable characters, a terrific plot, conflict and resolution, and a unique time and locale for detective fiction, New Orleans early in the 20th century. Fulmer also gives an authentic feel to his story by incorporating historical people and events.

Valentin St. Cyr is a complex character. Though he works for, and in some ways is indebted to, the unofficial mayor of Storyville, Tom Anderson (a real-life person who owned the largest saloon and had a stake in many others), Valentin has an independent streak and follows his own moral compass in dealing with friends and associates, putting at risk his relationship with the powerful Anderson. He suspects Anderson knows more than he's letting on, but is wise enough not to push too hard to get the information.

Though Fulmer leads the reader to the obvious conclusion as to who is the perpetrator of the crimes, the why, and in particular, the how, remain a mystery to the very end.

Chasing the Devil's Tail is unquestionably the year's best mystery.

Acknowledgment: Poisoned Pen Press provided an ARC of Chasing the Devil's Tail for this review.

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Location(s) referenced in Chasing the Devil's Tail: New Orleans, Louisiana

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Chasing the Devil's Tail by David Fulmer

Chasing the Devil's Tail by A Valentin St. Cyr Mystery

Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
Format: Hardcover
ISBN-13: 978-1-890208-84-4
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List Price: $24.95

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