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Fear Nothing

A D. D. Warren Mystery by Lisa Gardner

Fear Nothing by Lisa Gardner

Review: Boston Detective D. D. Warren returns to investigate an eerie, thrilling case in Fear Nothing, the seventh mystery in this series by Lisa Gardner

A young woman is found murdered, strips of her skin peeled off her body. A rose, fur-lined cuff links and a bottle of champagne is at her bedside. D. D.'s squad, the crime scene techs, the ME's office and other investigators meticulously cover the crime scene until there is nothing left to find. D.D. sends everyone home except herself. She wants to take one last look. So, alone she goes back of the scene. In the darkness she goes up to the apartment, walks through and though. And then she sees a shadow, hears a floor board, and thinks she can hear someone humming a child's tune. She takes out her revolver and begins a search for the noise. That's the last thing she remembers. She is told that she either fell backwards down the flight of stairs from the apartment — or was pushed. She is also told she fired three shots from her sidearm hitting the wall board. Six weeks have passed, all she knows is that her memory of that night is gone and she is in such pain that she cannot even lift her three year old son. She also cannot return to work. As part of her recovery, D. D. is sent to psychiatrist Dr. Adeline Glen to help her manage her pain. Dr. Glen has a rare genetic condition in that she feels no pain. She is also the daughter of a serial killer, Harry Day, who had died forty years ago after kidnapping and torturing at least eight young women. Too, her older sister is Shana Day, a notorious killer who murdered her first victim when she was fourteen years old. Shana is serving a life sentence in prison. D. D. learns that Harry Day always left a signature at the scene of his crimes: cuff links, a bottle of champagne, and a rose. Someone is clearly recreating the murders of this now long dead serial killer. When the "rose killer", which is what the police have dubbed their current culprit, leaves a get well card and a rose on D.D.'s bed, she decides that not only is she in danger but also those in her family. Pain or no pain, a job or no job, she is determined to hunt down this vicious killer before he kills again.

Both the hunter and prey are incredibly well-drawn in Fear Nothing. D. D. must work through her own pain and fear for the safety of her family while the Rose Killer uses his greed and uncanny ways to create a path of destruction that ruins the lives of so many. With a strong cast of characters and plenty of twist and turns, this is an edgy, tense, and often terrifying suspense thriller.

Special thanks to guest reviewer Betty of The Betz Review for contributing her review of Fear Nothing.

Acknowledgment: Penguin Group provided a copy of Fear Nothing for this review.

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Location(s) referenced in Fear Nothing: Boston, Massachusetts

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Fear Nothing by Lisa Gardner

Fear Nothing by A D. D. Warren Mystery

Publisher: Dutton
Format: Hardcover
ISBN-13: 978-0-525-95308-1
Publication Date:
List Price: $27.95

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