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by Alan Glynn

Graveland by Alan Glynn

Review: When, just hours apart, two executives of different financial firms are shot in the head at close range, an investigative reporter believes it was more than just a coincidence, that these two men these two very particular men were chosen as targets, and a third may soon become a victim as well, in Graveland, the third (and possibly final) book in a series set in New York City and featuring an ensemble cast of characters.

Wall Street is abuzz with the killings and with good reason. The police don't know if the murders are random or the work of a serial killer. But Ellen Dorsey sees a potential pattern, and has a name for the potential third victim. With little evidence to support her theory, she can't get anyone to believe her. Deciding to meet him in person, she witnesses and videotapes someone gun him down on the street just after he emerges from a business meeting. She's convinced that her videotape holds the key to identifying the killer, and the motive for these murders.

Graveland is a complex story, told from multiple perspectives … which, to be sure, contributes to the complexity. It is definitely slow going at first. There are several parallel storylines, the strongest (at least initially) being Ellen's investigation into the who and why of the murders. Another follows a former architect, who after being downsized manages an electronics store outside the city. That is, until he is unceremoniously fired after questioning the head office about a shipment. His college-aged daughter has gone missing, adding to his current woes. Still another follows the transition at the top of a private equity firm, one run by a ruthlessly successful man. The storylines eventually converge, but the result doesn't seem quite as cohesive as one might have wanted. This is a solidly written novel with strongly developed characters, but there's a sense that there might be too much going on here for one book, that the sum of the parts is, indeed, greater than that of the whole.

Acknowledgment: Picador provided a copy of Graveland for this review.

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Location(s) referenced in Graveland: New York City

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Graveland by Alan Glynn

Graveland by

Publisher: Picador
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