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Manhattan in Miniature

A Geraldine Porter Mystery by Margaret Grace

Manhattan in Miniature by Margaret Grace

Review: Geraldine Porter and her 11-year-old computer expert granddaughter Maddie are invited to attend a craft fair in New York City in Miniature in Manhattan, the eighth mystery in this series by Margaret Grace.

Gerry is a miniature enthusiast, and welcomes the opening of the new SuperKrafts chain store in her home town of Lincoln Point, California. When Bebe Mellon, the manager of the store, asks if she'd be interested in going to New York City to participate in a huge craft fair during the Christmas holidays, she jumps at the chance. Gerry once lived in the city and it would be a wonderful experience to return, even for a few days. And Gerry has another reason to visit: Her good friend Cynthia Bishop lives there, whose ninety-five year old aunt has died recently under mysterious circumstances and she has wanted Gerry to come out to help investigate a little. Bebe, Gerry and Maddie who pleaded to go along to help at the fair jet off to Manhattan. Gerry divides her time as best as she can between working at the fair and investigating the death of Cynthia's aunt. Meanwhile, Maddie is convinced someone is stealing articles from the fair.

Miniature in Manhattan is a most enjoyable story. Not only are there several mysteries to solve, but there is the adventure that is New York City itself. It's a delight following along with Gerry as she shows the sights of the big city to Maddie. Gerry's enthusiasm for miniatures is contagious, and she has a love interest back home who shares her interest. (They plan on marrying, soon!) The mysteries are interesting, too, cleverly integrated but not overly demanding. Overall, a terrific entry in this series, one that is highly recommended.

Special thanks to guest reviewer Betty of The Betz Review for contributing her review of Manhattan in Miniature.

Acknowledgment: Perseverance Press provided a copy of Manhattan in Miniature for this review.

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Manhattan in Miniature by Margaret Grace

Manhattan in Miniature by A Geraldine Porter Mystery

Publisher: Perseverance Press
Format: Trade Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1-56474-562-0
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