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An Eye for an Eye

A Heroes of Quantico Mystery by Irene Hannon

An Eye for an Eye by Irene Hannon

Review: A team of FBI agents is on the hunt for a sniper in An Eye For An Eye, the second romantic suspense thriller in the Heroes of Quantico series by Irene Hannon.

The romance part of this suspense thriller is between agent Mark Sanders and clinical psychologist Emily Lawson. Mark is in St. Louis on assignment, jogging through a park, when he notices Emily, a woman he knew as a teenager 20 years earlier. "A guy didn't forget his first kiss," he recalls. They meet and agree to go off for coffee to catch up. But just as they're preparing to leave the park, a shot is fired … that introduces the suspense part of this romantic thriller: which of the two was being targeted? Emily is hit and barely survives, leaving a very determined Mark to identify who was shooting at them and why.

The pacing of An Eye For An Eye is brisk to the point of being relentless. It is certainly possible to complete this book in a couple of hours, but it should be read more for the romance than the suspense. The sniper is initially anonymous, but when a new character is introduced well into the book, it's clear the anonymous sniper now has a name. And his target is also now obviously known. This does not necessarily represent a disappointing turn of events, but it does mean that the whodunit aspect of the story is rapidly converted into a police procedural, though a fairly weak one at that. Overlaying it all, however, is the relationship between Mark and Emily, initially one of old friends getting reacquainted, later one of deep, and at times touching, emotion.

An Eye For An Eye isn't a memorable or even exciting romantic suspense thriller, but is a pleasant way of spending a lazy afternoon.

Acknowledgment: Baker Publishing Group provided a copy of An Eye for an Eye for this review.

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An Eye for an Eye by Irene Hannon

An Eye for an Eye by A Heroes of Quantico Mystery

Publisher: Revell
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