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Tangled Webs

A Men of Valor Novel of Suspense by Irene Hannon

Tangled Webs by Irene Hannon

Review: Finn, the youngest of the three McGregor brothers, returns to Missouri from six years as an Army Ranger serving in the Middle East. Like his brothers, Mac and Lance, Finn is trying to find his future. Mac and Lance have not only found occupations that matched their skills, they each found a woman who was a perfect match for them. Finn decides to take a month of seclusion in a cabin in a national forest outside of St. Louis, in Tangled Webs, the third mystery in the Men of Valor Series by Irene Hannon.

Dana Lewis, once a publishing executive in New York City and now a freelance book editor has retreated to her late grandparents’ cabin on the edge of the national park after surviving being held as a hostage in a painful bank robbery which left her visually impaired, suffering bouts of dizziness and waking screaming from frequent nightmares. Dana and Finn meet when he runs through the forest to her cabin while hearing a woman screaming. Fearing she was in trouble, he broke into the cabin to help her. When she realized he meant no harm she thanked him and he told her he would be back the next morning to repair the window he broke. Day by day they became friends and they begin giving each other a new outlook on life.

It doesn’t take long when strange things begin to happen around Dana’s cabin. She is threatened by pranks that seem to be more than teenage annoyances. Someone is spying on her. Then one night a fire is set to the shed behind her cabin, burning it to the ground. She is grateful to have Finn as her neighbor as they believe she is being targeted for some reason. Their time together is beginning to turn into something more than Finn just trying to protect Dana. They learn a lot each other that help each to put their demons at rest.

Adding to the drama are the actions of the Police Chief Roger Burnett who has always walked the straight and narrow and now needs to make a decision whether to remain true to his beliefs or break the law to keep a promise he made to his wife who now is in the latest stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Dana and Finn, both secluding themselves in an effort to recover from personal injuries and emotional scars, are remarkably well-drawn characters, troubled but true to themselves and eventually to each other. The story is a compelling one, making this an exceptional addition to the Men of Valor series.

Special thanks to guest reviewer Betty of The Betz Review for contributing her review of Tangled Webs.

Acknowledgment: Revell Books provided a copy of Tangled Webs for this review.

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Tangled Webs by Irene Hannon

Tangled Webs by A Men of Valor Novel of Suspense

Publisher: Revell
Format: Trade Paperback
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