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The Bishop

A Patrick Bowers Mystery by Steven James

The Bishop by Steven James

Review: FBI Special Agent Patrick Bowers is brought in to investigate a series of murders in which the killer leaves absolutely no trace of forensic evidence but does leave clues as to who is next on the list to be killed in The Bishop, the fourth mystery in this series by Steven James.

The first victim is the daughter of the House Minority Leader, who had been mauled by a group of monkeys in a primate research lab. Bowers is known for his methodology and attention to detail the minute, often unexpected traces of evidence that other investigators may miss. But even here, his expertise is of no use: the killer seems to anticipate their every move, playing a mind game with Bowers and his team. That is until Bowers realizes that the key to the solving the crimes may be to consider the possibility that there are more players involved.

As dynamic and intense as the serial killer plotline is in The Bishop it's most definitely not a book to take to bed in an effort to fall asleep it is the story of Bowers' personal life that balances the evil he faces in his job and makes the book complete. He's a single stepfather, but of a troubled teenager. Tessa has resorted to cutting herself since her mother's death, hoping the razor will help the melancholia drain from her body. Bowers is desperate to help bring her out of her depression, and thinks meeting her biological father, who was presumed dead but has now been located, may help. Their lives become ever more complicated when Tessa's father wants custody of his daughter, and has a compelling argument: how can Bowers be a good father to Tessa when he can be called, on a moment's notice, to anywhere in the country anywhere in the world to work on a case that, by its very nature, may be of indefinite length? Will Bowers have to choose between his career and his step-daughter?

Like the previous books in this series, The Bishop is a complex thriller, carefully crafted, compelling yet thought-provoking. Lengthy at over 500 pages, but fast-reading, it is highly recommended.

Special thanks to guest reviewer Betty of The Betz Review for contributing her review of The Bishop.

Acknowledgment: Baker Publishing Group provided a copy of The Bishop for this review.

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The Bishop by Steven James

The Bishop by A Patrick Bowers Mystery

Publisher: Revell
Format: Hardcover
ISBN-13: 978-0-8007-1919-7
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List Price: $19.99

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