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The Mourning Ring

A Rachel Hollins Mystery by Holly Jordan

The Mourning Ring by Holly Jordan

Review: The Mourning Ring, Holly Jordan's second novel and potentially the first of a series featuring the likable Rachel Hollins, has an interesting premise and could have been a fascinating multi-generational historical mystery but rapidly loses its way by creating an expanding network of familial relationships that in the end overwhelm the mystery itself.

Following the purchase of an unusual ring at a flea market, Rachel finds herself amidst a myriad of puzzles. In trying to unravel the history of, and secrets behind, The Mourning Ring, she inadvertantly sets into motion a series of events that eventually lead to murder.

The resolution to the mystery of the ring and of the murder (or murders, if one includes the death of Claire in 1920 as described in the prologue) is largely unsatisfactory as Jordan has chosen to supply an unnecessarily complicated ending rather than a crisp, clear, and more logical outcome.

Acknowledgment: Grace Abraham Publishing provided a copy of The Mourning Ring for this review.

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The Mourning Ring by Holly Jordan

The Mourning Ring by A Rachel Hollins Mystery

Publisher: Grace Abraham Publishing
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ISBN-13: 978-0-9741090-8-4
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