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The Opposite of Dark

A Casey Holland Mystery by Debra Purdy Kong

The Opposite of Dark by Debra Purdy Kong

Review: Vancouver transit security officer Casey Holland is stunned to learn that the beaten body of her father, who she believes died three years earlier of botulism poisoning, has been found in a waterfront home not far from where she now lives in The Opposite of Dark, the first mystery in this series by Debra Purdy Kong.

Casey is certain that the man she buried three years ago was her father, but after viewing the battered body of the man the police claim is her father, she's not so sure. He certainly looks like her father, even bearing the same scars she remembers her father having. It's all so puzzling to her, made even more so when she learns she's being followed and the house where her father was found is broken into. Someone is clearly looking for something, and she concludes that they must think she probably knows where it is. But Casey doesn't even know what it is. While the police pursue their leads, she sets off on her own investigation to determine what exactly happened to her father and when.

The Opposite of Dark has an interesting premise for a murder mystery, but it requires some suspension of disbelief on the part of the reader to buy into it, that Casey would seriously consider that the beaten man was her father when she was so involved with the funeral arrangements of her father three years ago and knows him to be dead. Yet she persists in acting as though he may have been alive these past three years, and has only now died. This singular point illustrates what is probably the most significant flaw in the book: the thinly developed characters simply aren't believable and act in often implausible ways. Which is quite unfortunate, since the overall plotline is rather compelling, has some interesting twists, and plays out unlike its characters in a most credible manner.

Acknowledgment: TouchWood Editions provided an ARC of The Opposite of Dark for this review.

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Location(s) referenced in The Opposite of Dark: Vancouver, British Columbia

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The Opposite of Dark by Debra Purdy Kong

The Opposite of Dark by A Casey Holland Mystery

Publisher: TouchWood Editions
Format: Hardcover
ISBN-13: 978-1-926741-20-8
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