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Run a Crooked Mile

A Rosemary Mendes Mystery by Janet LaPierre

Run a Crooked Mile by Janet LaPierre

Review: Janet LaPierre introduces Rosemary Mendes, a woman looking to start a new life in the wooded hills of northern California following the death of her husband, in Run a Crooked Mile.

Two women have actually come to the area to find refuge from their past. Rosemary feels the need to retreat from her overbearing, greedy in-laws who insist they are entited to a part of their deceased son's / brother's estate. The other, Michelle "Mike" Morgan, though, is enigma to the community. She, together with her Labrador retriever Tank, lived in a small cabin surrounded by abundant acreage in the woods that she had inherited from an elderly gentleman for whom she had taken care since her arrival. Though hunting was not permitted on her property, she is shot by a hunter presumably mistaking her for a deer. Some of the townsfolk thought she got what she deserved as they believed she had cheated the old man in his dying days. Others questioned the accident theory and believed someone had wanted her dead. Although Rosemary and Mike were strangers to one another, Rosemary is given "custody" of Tank at the request of the local veterinarian. Rosemary, intrigued by the mysterious circumstances surrounding Mike's death and feeling in no small part an obligation to Tank, starts to investigate. She convinces the police to reopen the case and goes along to help find clues that may have been missed. But someone is out there watching and waiting for an opportunity to silence Rosemary.

Run a Crooked Mile is not only a carefully plotted and suspenseful mystery, it is also a beautifully told account of two passionate women and their struggle to find peace after personal misfortune. Though they never met, both women are able to share the love and companionship of the delightful dog Tank. Every page of this wonderful book is a page well read.

Special thanks to guest reviewer Betty of The Betz Review for contributing her review of Run a Crooked Mile.

Acknowledgment: Perseverance Press provided an ARC of Run a Crooked Mile for this review.

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Location(s) referenced in Run a Crooked Mile: California

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Run a Crooked Mile by Janet LaPierre

Run a Crooked Mile by A Rosemary Mendes Mystery

Publisher: Perseverance Press
Format: Trade Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1-880284-88-9
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List Price: $14.95

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