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A Novel of Suspense by John Lescroart

Fatal by John Lescroart

Review: Childhood and still best friend of San Francisco Police Detective Beth Tully, Kate and her husband Ron Jameson have been invited to a dinner at the home of Ronís good friend and legal associate Geoff Cooke and his wife Bina, together with another couple, Jill and Peter Ash. Although Kate and Ron were happily married and had two teenagers, Kate, on that one night was immediately attracted to Peter, in Fatal, a novel of suspense by John Lescroart.

Kate was persistent in tracking Peter down and schemed a way to have him meet her in a hotel room near his office to confer on a legal matter which she did not want to discuss with her husband or Geoff. Their tryst was quite shocking to Peter. He had no idea what was in Kateís mind. But, after a glass of wine, Peter participated in Kateís fantasy. When it was over, she became quite casual and said that she would see him around. This was a one-time thing and he should never mention it anyone. At the time he agreed. For Kate, who instigated the tryst, it was truly a one-night stand. But Peter couldnít forget Kate and their one afternoon filled with passion. It affected his job, his marriage and even the relationship with his twin teenaged sons. It changed his life. Although he called her and sometimes stalked her, Kate refused to see or talk to him. Soon he decided he was bored with his job, his wife and sons, moved out, and began a dire period of one-night stands. His life continued to spiral downward. Six months later Peter was dead. He had been murdered.

About the same time Beth and Kate are having lunch and there was a random terrorist attack which nearly killed them both. Later Peter Ashís body was washed up on a shore in the bay, killed by a bullet through his chest. Beth and her partner Ike were the lead investigators. There were a few viable suspects including Peterís wife and sons, and his partner Geoff Cooke. Nothing in the investigation was coming easily, since everyone seemed to be lying to them, including Kate. Little did Beth know that Kate and Ron would soon become persons of interests in her investigation.

Fatal is an intense thriller with many facets. The large cast of characters are well-drawn and have unique identities. The lead detective, Beth Tully, is sharply written, a widowed mother of a teenaged daughter, who balances her professional and personal lives all while investigating a puzzling murder that involves a long-time friend. Her return would be most welcome to readers of this terrific novel.

Acknowledgment: Simon & Schuster provided a copy of Fatal for this review.

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Location(s) referenced in Fatal: San Francisco, California

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Fatal by John Lescroart

Fatal by A Novel of Suspense

Publisher: Atria Books
Format: Hardcover
ISBN-13: 978-0-525-95144-5
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