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Death Leaves a Bookmark

A Bibliomystery Short Story by William Link

Death Leaves a Bookmark by William Link

Review: LAPD homicide detective Lieutenant Columbo is called in to investigate when a bookseller is found murdered in his store in Death Leaves a Bookmark, a bibliomystery short story by William Link.

In traditional "Columbo" style, the killer is known to the reader and the manner of his crime murdering his uncle to inherit his fortune is one of convenience rather than one of clever planning. But he has competition for the money: his cousin will also inherit, though he feels half a fortune is better than none at all. Still, his cousin doesn't quite see it that way

The most serious criticism of Death Leaves a Bookmark is also probably a most unfair one: it's hard to imagine Peter Falk playing the role of Columbo in this story. In other words, though there is someone named "Columbo" here, he doesn't seem to bear much resemblance to the character everyone knows from years of television productions. There isn't much depth to the plot, and Columbo hardly lifts a finger to solve the case, so the primary reason a reader might be drawn to this story is to revisit the character and that character doesn't seem fully realized. The mannerisms are present as is his outward appearance so it's hard to say exactly what is missing, only that it isn't there. And that's a bit of a disappointment, especially given how little mystery there is for him to solve.

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Death Leaves a Bookmark by William Link

Death Leaves a Bookmark by A Bibliomystery Short Story

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