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Death in the Vines

An Antoine Verlaque and Marine Bonnet Mystery by M. L. Longworth

Death in the Vines by M. L. Longworth

Review: Commissioner Bruno Paulik is summoned by local vintner Oliver Bonnard to investigate the theft of expensive rare vintages of wines stolen from his private cellar. Paulik is very familiar with the winery and its irreplaceable wines as his wife is Bonnard's head winemaker. While still examining clues of the theft, Monsieur Gilles d'Arras reports that his wife Pauline, who has Alzheimer's disease, has vanished from their lavish home. When Bonnard calls Judge Antoine Verlaque, it is assumed he called because they had found the thief of the wines, but instead it is to inform him that Pauline d'Arras was found dead in his vineyard. Verlaque and law professor Marine Bonnet immediately launch into their own investigation of the theft and death as there could possibly be a connection. But then again, there have been two other murders of women in this small friendly quaint town of Provence. Could there be a thief and a serial killer? Verlaque and Bonnet have never before faced quite a mystery in Death in the Vines, the third mystery in this series by M. L. Longworth.

The murder mystery storyline here takes a backseat to the creatively drawn cast and the backdrop of beautiful French countryside with liberal references to good food and wine and the people who enjoy them. Antoine Verlaque and Marine Bonnet are more than investigative colleagues; they are lovers and their relationship continues to evolve here. Typical of many lovers, they are at times not completely honest with each other. Marine fears she has cancer and is keeping this knowledge from Antoine. She loves him and doesn't want to worry him, yet she knows he will be angry that she is hiding this fact. Their characters are truly striking. Also worthy of note are the victim with Alzheimer's, a person who is a reformed thief of vintage wines, and a young teenager hopeful of one day becoming a wine maker. There are some twists and turns to Antoine and Marine's investigation, but Death in the Vines will likely be mostly enjoyed for its characters and setting.

Special thanks to guest reviewer Betty of The Betz Review for contributing her review of Death in the Vines.

Acknowledgment: Penguin Group provided a copy of Death in the Vines for this review.

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Death in the Vines by M. L. Longworth

Death in the Vines by An Antoine Verlaque and Marine Bonnet Mystery

Publisher: Penguin
Format: Trade Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-0-14-312244-9
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List Price: $15.00

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