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Death of a Myth Maker

A Texana Jones Mystery by Allana Martin

Death of a Myth Maker by Allana Martin

Synopsis (from the publisher): Texana gains firsthand knowledge of just how dangerous life on her part of the beautiful Texas-Mexico border can be. In the peaceful nighttime air, Texana and her sister-in-law Fran marvel at the mysterious Marfa lights. Legend has it that the lights are fires lit by an Apache chief to help his tribe find their way home, but others contend that the lights are just some type of natural phenomenon. Whatever their origin, that is the type of mystery that the people of Polvo are used to.

When Ella Spivey, one of the wealthy sisters of the seven sisters ranch, brings a handsome man home, people begin to wonder. The man, Julian Row, claims to have traveled all over the world and seems to have completely wooed Ella. Her sister, Leila, does not trust Julian at all and tries to run him out of town. Then Julian is found shot by the side of the road. It soon becomes clear that the man was a "myth maker," a scheming liar, and had many people in his life who would have been more than happy to kill him. The question is who actually had the opportunity.

A friend of the Spiveys' because her veterinarian husband takes care of their cattle, Texana becomes involved in the mystery. She realizes that the sisters are very close-knit, but is unsure if that would lead Leila to commit murder. Texana is moved to find out the truth of who Julian really was and what happened to him. She suspects that his murder is connected with that of a street photographer from the Mexican side of the border, but her quest leads her to more questions than answers. Print and/or Kindle Edition Barnes&Noble NookBook Abe Books The Book Depository: Free Worldwide Shipping Biblio Alibris Books-a-Million

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Death of a Myth Maker by Allana Martin

Death of a Myth Maker by Allana Martin A Texana Jones Mystery

Publisher: Minotaur Books
Format: Hardcover
ISBN-13: 978-0-312-25241-0
Publication Date: March 2000
List Price: $23.95

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