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You Can Trust Me

by Sophie McKenzie

You Can Trust Me by Sophie McKenzie

Review: Livy Jackson, married and the mother of two, considers her life dull and mundane when compared to her best friend Julia Dryden, who is fun-loving, vibrant, and enjoys life to the fullest. But that is until Livy, meeting Julia for lunch at her apartment, finds her dead, apparently of a suicide, in You Can Trust Me, a novel of suspense by Sophie McKenzie.

Livy cannot believe the official verdict and begins to take a closer look at Julia's life, which also forces her to take a closer look at her own life. Livy's husband, Will, had an affair six years ago, and though he promptly broke it off, she still struggles with his infidelity. She loves him, and knows that he's good for the children, but there is still a nagging doubt in her mind. Can she be objective when examining Julia's life? It doesn't take her long, however, to conclude that Julia's death is related to the murder of Julia's sister Kara nearly 20 years ago. Could their deaths be related? And if so, was Julia murdered, too? As she goes over the list of possible suspects, she concludes it must be someone she knows. But who? Who can she trust?

You Can Trust Me is a very suspenseful thriller. It's never quite clear where the plot is headed, which adds to the already high level of tension. There are pages from the killer's diary interspersed between the chapters of the main story, ramping up the suspense even further. The killer's coldness and matter of fact portrayals of the crimes are simply chilling. This is one of those books that is hard to put down once started. Well-defined characters and a solidly crafted plot with plenty of twists and turns make for one terrific read.

Special thanks to guest reviewer Betty of The Betz Review for contributing her review of You Can Trust Me.

Acknowledgment: St. Martin's Press provided a copy of You Can Trust Me for this review.

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You Can Trust Me by Sophie McKenzie

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