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Free Fall

A Kate Page Thriller by Rick Mofina

Free Fall by Rick Mofina

Review: Free Fall by Rick Mofina is a chilling account of two airliners making routine flights but losing control as they approached their landing sites.

The first was commuter flight EastCloud flight forty-nine ninety from Buffalo, New York to New York City. As one of the passengers was about to take a picture of the mountains they were flying over the plane suddenly rolled hard, the right wing tipping toward the ground as if it was going to flip over. Passengers without their seat belts on were thrown against the wall. The overhead bins opened and luggage dropped down like boulders on the passengers. People were screaming and praying when the plane suddenly twisted to the left and sent more passengers against the opposite wall. More luggage dropped down. The food and beverage cart careened down the aisle spilling hot coffee and beverages on some passengers. The pilots were unable to control the plane. Something was wrong. They had encountered no turbulence. The pilots reported there was no human error. It had to be a flight control computer malfunction. It seemed like a miracle, but in the last few minutes the pilots were able to regain control of the aircraft and it landed safely at LaGuardia Airport. Of the eighty passengers on board twenty-eight, plus two of the flight attendants, received injuries ranging from minor cuts and bruises to fractures and concussions. No injury was considered life threatening. The plane was taken out of service until a full investigation could take place.

Ace reporter Kate Page of Newslead in New York City was put on duty to cover the story. Through the investigation she was able to get a few scattered reasons for the plane's problems, which she reported as best she could. Soon she received an e-mail from someone saying all of Kate's news stories were good but they were wrong. This person bragged that he made it happen and it will happen again, only worse, unless Kate gives Zarathustra, Lord of the Heavens, the credit. Kate responded to the e-mail but received an error message, stating "a failed delivery". Next, a jetliner from Kuwait City, carrying two hundred passengers and eight crew members crashed landed just short of the runway at London's Heathrow Airport. On this flight there were not only injuries but also fatalities. This, too, the pilots blamed on a computer malfunction. The National Transportation Safety Board, FBI, and Kate are now racing to find answers. Another e-mail is received demanding that the Lord of Heavens be giving recognition for causing these incidents or there would be others with much more devastation. Time is running out so the FBI, NTSB and even Kate must use everything they know to stop an even larger catastrophe.

Free Fall is a complex suspense thriller with a disturbing storyline depicting how in today's interconnected world someone could cause this kind of damage to airlines (or trains and buses or any other forms of mass transit) and no one would know where the orders came from or how they were carried out. Hopefully it will never come to that in the real world, but it does make for a pulse-pounding story in the fictional one.

Special thanks to guest reviewer Betty of The Betz Review for contributing her review of Free Fall.

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Free Fall by Rick Mofina

Free Fall by A Kate Page Thriller

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