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The Red Queen's Run

A Red Solaris Mystery by Bourne Morris

The Red Queen's Run by Bourne Morris

Review: A university is often thought to be a haven for scholarship and a place of civility, but lately at Mountain West University in Landry, Nevada, it's been just the opposite. Normal academic debates turn into prolonged and vicious quarrelling, and trivial jealousies become major scandals. Even so, it still comes as a shock to the faculty when Professor Henry Brooks, the Dean of the School of Journalism, is found dead at the foot of the stairs. And that's not the worst of it; he didn't die from an accidental fall or a heart attack, he was murdered, in The Red Queen's Run, the first mystery in this series by Bourne Morris.

Much to the dismay of her associates, Meredith "The Red Queen" Solaris is appointed interim Dean. Her first order of business is to deal with three male faculty members, who, when they aren't being vocal about a woman running the department, are complaining about everyone and everything else. That they are three persons of interest to the police in the death of Professor Brooks is not lost on "Red". But she has more on her plate than doing the job of the police. There's the faculty member who is having a sexual relationship with a student, all consensual but clearly against university policy. And the faculty member plagiarizing another to complete a book. And the student that cheated on a test and had to be expelled. All the while someone is trying to get her removed from her temporary position. And if she won't go willingly, there's always the route Professor Brooks took.

The Red Queen's Run is a very entertaining whodunit-style mystery, all wrapped within the confines of a university environment. The characters are strong and for the most part likeable, even the three troublemakers. There is a hint of romance that may grow in later books, as Red, a single woman in her 30s, has found a love interest in Joe Morgan, one of the detectives working the case. A solid start to this series, one that will have readers looking forward to what next happens at Mountain West University.

Special thanks to guest reviewer Betty of The Betz Review for contributing her review of The Red Queen's Run.

Acknowledgment: Henery Press provided an ARC of The Red Queen's Run for this review.

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Location(s) referenced in The Red Queen's Run: Nevada

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The Red Queen's Run by Bourne Morris

The Red Queen's Run by A Red Solaris Mystery

Publisher: Henery Press
Format: Trade Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1-940976-57-0
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List Price: $15.95

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