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Annabel Lee

A Coffey & Hill Novel by Mike Nappa

Annabel Lee by Mike Nappa

Review: Private Investigators Trudi Coffey and her ex-husband/partner Samuel Hill agree to take on a case for an enigmatic man, who calls himself "Dr. Smith", who presents them with a most intriguing assignment, in Annabel Lee, the first mystery in this series by Mike Nappa

Dr. Smith initially meets with Trudi. He had been searching for a man, Steven Grant, for over a decade. He had traced him through Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee. He said the man had stolen something from him and he needed it back … urgently. Although Trudi said she had never met the man, she actually had. She had known him as Leonard Truckson ("Truck"), a friend of Samuel's. Indeed, he was actually Samuel's superior in the CIA. As soon as Dr. Smith left her office and she watched him drive away, Trudi called Samuel to fill him in on the details.

An eleven-year-old girl was the subject of the search. Truck had taken care of her when she was just an infant and named her Annabel Lee Truckson. She was a brilliant child. In her eleven years with him Truck taught Annabel everything she knew — which was a lot. She could understand and speak three or four languages. She excelled in reading, math, history and geography. They currently lived on Truck's farm about twelve miles outside of Peachtree, Alabama. Without telling her why, one day Truck took Annabelle and his German shepherd guard dog down to a hidden underground military-style bunker stocked with enough dry food to last until he could return. He told her that she and the dog were to stay there. He also told her that she should never to let anyone in the bunker, not even him unless a "safe" code word was given. Only a friend and former Army sniper called The Mute and the mysterious Mr. Smith knew about Annabel. When Truck is found and killed by a band of outlaws, The Mute and Dr. Smith know that the girl must be near and a race begins to find her. The Mute wants to keep her safe as Truck has done for eleven years, but Dr. Smith has other plans for her and wants to keep her captive, at least until she is thirteen. Samuel knows The Mute and contacts him for information into the mystery. Trudi and Samuel know that Annabel's life is in danger, and they must find her before it is too late.

Annabel Lee is a captivating novel of suspense. The characters are incredibly well-drawn and come alive on the page. The fast-paced narrative is filled with tension as the search for Annabel Lee continues, with each side getting closer, the outcome uncertain. A terrific start to this series.

Special thanks to guest reviewer Betty of The Betz Review for contributing her review of Annabel Lee.

Acknowledgment: Baker Publishing Group provided a copy of Annabel Lee for this review.

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Annabel Lee by Mike Nappa

Annabel Lee by A Coffey & Hill Novel

Publisher: Revell
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