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The Raven

A Coffey & Hill Novel by Mike Nappa

The Raven by Mike Nappa

Review: A street magician gets caught up in tangled mess when he tries to blackmail a city councilman, in The Raven, the second mystery in a series featuring PIs Trudi Coffey and Samuel Hill by Mike Nappa.

Calling himself a "deception specialist", Raven performs illusions on the streets of Atlanta. During his routine, he often surreptitiously picked the pockets of audience, much to their delight when he produced the items and returned them. But one item he didn't return, the wallet of a city councilman. Thinking he'll score a few dollars, instead he finds lewd photographs of the councilman in compromising positions. He ups his game to blackmail, only to be trapped in a deadly plot code-named "Nevermore".

Meanwhile, there's Mama Bliss, a seventy-one year old diabetic who gets around in a motorized wheelchair. She is the owner of "Sister Bliss's Secret Stash", a superstore selling unusual items imported from all over the world: memorabilia from the movies and stage, antiques, one-of-a-kinds, anything out of the ordinary. But there is a lot more going on behind those doors than most people know.

Finally, a third point-of-view is from Trudi Coffey, a private investigator working at Coffey and Hill, a firm she and her ex-husband Samuel Hill founded. He helps her with cases, when she allows him to. She's there to help Raven get out of the scrape he's in.

All three are aware of, to one degree or another, "Nevermore". They know it is going to be a catastrophe of some sort, but only one knows what, where and when. The clues are few and far between so Trudi and Samuel must struggle to sort them out. Mama, the Raven and many other unusual characters, both kind and ruthless, are scheduled to be killed by a homicidal maniac seeking revenge.

The Raven is a very unique novel in that its plot is completely unpredictable. It develops in a way that has the reader piecing the elements together as the storyline unfolds. It is definitely a thriller that captures one's attention and is a pleasure to read and enjoy.

Special thanks to guest reviewer Betty of The Betz Review for contributing her review of The Raven.

Acknowledgment: Baker Publishing Group provided a copy of The Raven for this review.

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The Raven by Mike Nappa

The Raven by A Coffey & Hill Novel

Publisher: Revell
Format: Trade Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-0-8007-2645-4
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