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The Blue Stealer

A Jack Russell: Dog Detective Mystery by Darrel and Sally Odgers

The Blue Stealer by Darrel and Sally Odgers

Review: Are you searching for a book with dogs and mysteries? Then Jack Russell: Dog Detective in The Blue Stealer by Darrel and Sally Odgers is for you! It is the 9th book in the Jack Russell series. Jack, the main character, is the dog detective who solves the mysterious identity of the Blue Stealer. Sarge is not a dog, but is Jack's owner, and he helps out in the story. The Blue Stealer is a new dog in town when a pug rag and a boot mysteriously disappear. Also, spoons and jewelry are stolen. Jack's dog friends come to him to ask Jack to save everything and find the Blue Stealer and its owner before they drive off to steal from another town.

For the most part, The Blue Stealer is a good story. The funny dog names and made up dog words like "pawfect" make the book a lot of fun to read. Also, having the dog as the detective is not something you see every day. I would have liked the book to be more descriptive so that the reader can be more involved in the story. Plus, the mystery was very easy to solve. The reader pretty much knows by the picture on the cover and the title who is stealing everything. It is neat, however, how the dog and owner are able to go from town to town stealing things and nobody is able to stop them until they reach Doggeroo and Jack is there to catch them! I would recommend the "Jack Russell: Dog Detective" series for beginning chapter book readers.

Special thanks to Alex Nauert for contributing his review of The Blue Stealer.

Acknowledgment: Kane/Miller provided a copy of The Blue Stealer for this review.

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The Blue Stealer by Darrel and Sally Odgers

The Blue Stealer by A Jack Russell: Dog Detective Mystery

Publisher: Kane/Miller
Format: Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1-935279-09-9
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List Price: $4.99

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