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The Molech Prophecy

by Thomas Phillips

The Molech Prophecy by Thomas Phillips

Review: After he is enlisted by his pastor to find a missing church secretary, reformed criminal Tommy Cucinelle stumbles into more of a mystery than he bargained for. As his investigations lead back to a cult and a terrible prophecy, Cuicinelle draws closer and closer to the horrifying secret behind the group's prophecies.

Thomas Phillips' The Molech Prophecy features everything readers would expect from a classic mystery: thrilling adventure, plot twists, and even a little romance. But while The Molech Prophecy doesn't lack any of the classic elements of mystery, it does include one theme not usually found in the genre: strong Christian faith. Cucinelle contemplates his relationship with God as well as his relationship to his criminal past throughout the work. Phillips has obviously worked hard to make the Christianity in this book non-threatening and approachable.

Cucinelle's struggles with his faith will undoubtedly appeal to mystery lovers who also want to understand the mystery of God's love. Tommy's yearnings to better understand his own faith lend a contemplative, deeper element to the books sometimes shallow story, which might not fully appeal to readers who don't share Phillip's beliefs. As Phillip's protagonist Tommy notes, the story of an anti-Christian murderous Wicca cult may not seem believable and interesting to all readers, Christian and non-Christian alike.

Yet, the religious elements of The Molech Prophecy by no means prevent it from being a fast-paced, exciting story that captures the reader's attention and keeps them drawn into a thrilling story, although the plot's resolution feels rushed and a bit predictable. The book's characters are likable and believable, despite sounding more like small town Christians than the reformed gangsters that Phillips intends.

In all, The Molech Prophecy is undoubtedly worth the read for Christians seeking a good thriller story, as well as for non-Christians with open minds. Although it is a little unsubtle, the book is exciting and fun, pulling readers into a tangled web of intrigue and an examination of faith and what it means.

Special thanks to Rebecca Henderson for contributing her review of The Molech Prophecy.

Acknowledgment: Thomas Phillips provided a copy of The Molech Prophecy for this review.

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The Molech Prophecy by Thomas Phillips

The Molech Prophecy by

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