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No Less in Blood

by D. M. Pirrone

No Less in Blood by D. M. Pirrone

Review: D. M. Pirrone's debut thriller, No Less in Blood, is a complex mystery of family, greed and love that spans more than a century.

Set a century apart, this is a story of two brothers and their descendants. Andrew Jackson Schlegel was a man who made his fortune building homes in late 19th century Chicago and later owning a mine in Minnesota. A strict disciplinarian with his wife and children, he willed them to do as he commanded. His son, Jonas, was expected to take over the business when Andrew retired, but he wanted to be an artist. When Andrew mocked him and refused to agree to his wishes, Jonas, now 20, left home to fulfill his dream. He went to Chicago where his Uncle William still lived and asked for his help. When she was able, Jonas's sister Mary Anne, too, left the family home in Birch Falls, Minnesota, going to Chicago in search of Jonas and her Uncle William. Disappointed by both his children, Andrew drew up a will that held the family fortune in trust for 100 years, only then to be divided between any heirs who may be alive.

In the present, Rachel Connelly is an adoptee searching for her family roots. Her quest leads her to the Schlegel homestead in Minnesota, where she believes she may be a descendent of Andrew. And though she simply seeks the truth, others believe she has an ulterior motive.

This multi-faceted story is more about interpersonal relationships than the underlying mystery of whether or not Rachel can trace her origin to the Schlegel family … though there are elements of suspense that are handled well. The plot, with its multiple points of view and alternating timeline, is easy to follow, the narrative clearly written and fast-paced. Those who appreciate a strong, family-centric drama will be taken in by No Less in Blood.

Special thanks to guest reviewer Betty of The Betz Review for contributing her review of No Less in Blood.

Acknowledgment: The author provided an ARC of No Less in Blood for this review.

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Location(s) referenced in No Less in Blood: Minnesota, Chicago, Illinois

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No Less in Blood by D. M. Pirrone

No Less in Blood by

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