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Hollow Man

A Novel of Suspense by Mark Pryor

Hollow Man by Mark Pryor

Review: Hollow Man, a stand-alone novel of suspense by Mary Pryor, introduces Dominic, a prosecutor by day, musician by night. Born in England, he's lived the last 10 years with relatives in Austin, Texas. And he is also a psychopath. He doesn't feel emotions like love, fear, or sympathy, but he does feel anger and envy.

Dominic is having a really bad day. First, he receives a call from his parents' lawyer in England telling him that his parents have been killed by a freak accident following a bad storm. When they had gone out afterward to view the damage, his father stepped on a downed power line. His mother instinctively reached out to help him, and both were fatally electrocuted. Later, he boss tells him he's been demoted, with a significant cut in pay. Finally, he is accused of stealing a song from a fellow musician and is banned from playing at his favorite gig. Another pay cut. Desperate for money, he sees an opportunity to join two others in a plan to commit the perfect crime — taking ill-gotten gains from a mobster. Taking a very analytical approach to the crime, he determines the parameters of the caper, and the trio make off with about $100,000. Dominic has the money hidden. But two men died in the process, his partners don't trust him, and the police seem on to him. What are the odds that Dominic has anticipated every possible outcome correctly?

Hollow Man is a very strange crime novel, and not all that appealing or exciting or even suspenseful. Maybe it's because Dominic is the narrator, clueing the reader in on everything he's thinking and planning. Or maybe it's because the whole story just doesn't come together well. The supporting characters lack depth, and even Dominic, the titular "hollow man", seems, well, hollow all-around. This is the author's first stand-alone after having written five, far more entertaining entries in his Hugo Marston mystery series, and maybe he simply wanted a change of pace. This isn't it.

Special thanks to guest reviewer Betty of The Betz Review for contributing her review of Hollow Man.

Acknowledgment: Seventh Street Books provided an ARC of Hollow Man for this review.

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Location(s) referenced in Hollow Man: Austin, Texas

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Hollow Man by Mark Pryor

Hollow Man by A Novel of Suspense

Publisher: Seventh Street Books
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