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Buried Lies

by Peter Rennebohm

Buried Lies by Peter Rennebohm

Review: From the moment Gus Ivy picked up the old Western novel at a barbershop, he couldn't put it down, not even as it led him into a maze of murder, dangerous puzzles, and mysterious strangers. Peter Rennebohm's Buried Lies has a similarly enrapturing effect on readers, pulling them into its fast-paced, tightly woven plot from the very first pages. Part mystery, part western, part treasure hunt Buried Lies is all over the map both in terms of genre and geography, as Ivy and his companions journey across the American West in search of a long-lost and mysterious prize.

Truly, this book's strength is in its page-turning action. Rennebohm has shown his master of suspense in several previous novels, and combines it here with a healthy does of adventure. Buried Lies' plot doesn't rest for a page, much like its journeying characters, whose encounters with a gang of greedy thugs are thrilling and enjoyable. Buried Lies is packed as tight with clues as it is with action, but the fast moving nature of the plot sometimes contrasts with the somewhat contrived mystery that Rennebohm presents. Readers watch Ivy and his friends solve the puzzle but cannot always put the pieces together along with them, as Ivy and his friends sometimes appear to pull solutions seemingly from thin air. However, readers who like a riddle-driven mystery will still be thrilled by Buried Lies, which redeems itself through the interesting complexity of it's puzzle.

Rennebohm has created a fun and exciting work that plays with genre conventions and brainteasers. The book may require a good-hearted suspension of disbelief from cynical readers, as elements (including the final prize!) sometimes appear a bit over the top. Buried Lies' unusual characters and setting, combined with Rennebohm's engaging writing style make this a great choice for readers who are looking for something new. While not overly nuanced, Buried Lies is truly an enjoyable read and is especially recommended for those who love high action and adventure, treasure hunts, and the American West!

Special thanks to Ruth Miller for contributing her review of Buried Lies.

Acknowledgment: Breakthrough Promotions provided a copy of Buried Lies for this review.

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Buried Lies by Peter Rennebohm

Buried Lies by

Publisher: North Star Press
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