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The Delilah Complex

A Dr. Morgan Snow Mystery by M. J. Rose

The Delilah Complex by M. J. Rose

Review: The Delilah Complex is the second mystery (after The Halo Effect) to feature sex therapist Dr. Morgan Snow, a specialist at The Butterfield Institute in New York City.

This is an unusually effective mystery. Though there is very little action in the book, the pace of the story is brisk. The characters are all believable and their interrelationships true to both the story and each other. Though the author is generous with clues throughout the book, the somewhat lurid ending will no doubt come as a surprise to some readers.

Dr. Morgan Snow is a very interesting character. Her education and experience has taught her to help others come to terms with their problems, yet she, herself, is full of conflicts: she has the normal issues of being the divorced parent of an adolescent who may be on better terms with her father than her mother; she is unsure of the personal relationship she has with the detective handling the case; she is torn between treating her mentor at the institute as both a mother-figure and a colleague; and her professional ethics dictate a course of action that may be at odds with solving the mystery. This is a character that has the potential of continuing to grow and be of interest to readers for many mysteries to come.

Acknowledgment: Book Trends provided an ARC of The Delilah Complex for this review.

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Location(s) referenced in The Delilah Complex: New York City

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The Delilah Complex by M. J. Rose

The Delilah Complex by A Dr. Morgan Snow Mystery

Publisher: Mira Books
Format: Mass Market Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-0-7783-2215-3
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List Price: $6.99

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