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March Mischief

A Calendar Mystery by Ron Roy

March Mischief by Ron Roy

Review: Lucy, twins Bradley and Brian, and Nate enter a leprechaun statue decorating contest only to have their entry disappear in March Mischief, the third early chapter mystery in this series for kids by Ron Roy.

The four friends decide to dress their leprechaun like the twins' basset hound Pal, proudly displaying it on their porch for all to see. But the next morning, the decorated statue is gone … and theirs isn't the only one. Two other statues around town are missing as well. They're stumped as to why anyone would want a statue dressed like a dog when a mysterious caller tells them Lucky O'Leary stole had stolen it. Rushing over to the O'Leary house, they're just in time to see Lucky arrested by the police for the thefts. But after Lucky's brothers confess to the crime and go to retrieve the statues they had hidden in their room, they're astonished to discover the leprechauns are missing again! Who took them now?

A lot of mystery is packed within the pages of this short book. Crosses and double-crosses and triple-crosses abound! The author is clearly having some fun with the characters and the situations in which they find themselves, and that translates into an enjoyable tale that young readers (and their parents) will certainly appreciate. The illustrations, which include a cleverly decorated leprechaun at the beginning of each chapter, are well done and appropriate to the story.

March Mischief is labeled by the publisher as RL 2.2 (early second grade reading level). No Lexile measure has yet been determined for this title.

A complete list of titles in this series can be found at First Clues: Calendar Mysteries.

Acknowledgment: Random House provided a copy of March Mischief for this review.

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Location(s) referenced in March Mischief: Connecticut

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March Mischief by Ron Roy

March Mischief by A Calendar Mystery

Publisher: Random House
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