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Turkey Trouble on the National Mall

A Capital Mystery by Ron Roy

Turkey Trouble on the National Mall by Ron Roy

Review: The President's stepdaughter KC "hatches" a plan with her best friend Marshall to pardon as many turkeys as possible for Thanksgiving, only to discover that the saved birds have disappeared from their pen on the Mall in Turkey Trouble on the National Mall, the fourteenth book in this series of early chapter mysteries by Ron Roy.

The turkey the President will officially pardon has been named Cloud by KC and Marshall, and he will live out his days on the farm at Mt. Vernon. KC thinks it would be great for Cloud to have company, and begins a campaign to have all members of Congress agree to pardon their own turkeys. Her enthusiasm in the project has even snared the Vice President, who agrees to help coordinate her efforts and arranges for a temporary pen to be constructed on the National Mall to house them until they can be transported to Mt. Vernon. Within a day, over 100 turkeys have been pardoned and placed in the pen. But overnight they disappear! KC and Marshall suspect EET — the Eat Every Turkey organization — has taken then; they have publicly criticized KC's plan, noting that turkeys are raised to be eaten, not to be saved as pets.

The mystery plot in Turkey Trouble on the National Mall is really quite sophisticated. Plug a few of the obvious plot holes — which kids aren't likely to notice or, if they do, care about anyway — and it could stand in for an adult thriller. There's political intrigue, international conspiracy, and an elaborate sting operation, all staged within a few short chapters of a children's book. Everything is written in an age-appropriate manner, so there are no worries there; all the same, it's a lot to take in. Still, it is an exciting adventure for the best friends and readers will enjoy tagging along with them.

Turkey Trouble on the National Mall is labeled by the publisher as RL: 3.0, appropriate for readers aged 6 to 9. As of the date of this review, no Lexile measure has been assigned to the book, though others in the series tend to fall between 550L and 650L.

Acknowledgment: Random House provided a copy of Turkey Trouble on the National Mall for this review.

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Location(s) referenced in Turkey Trouble on the National Mall: Washington DC

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Turkey Trouble on the National Mall by Ron Roy

Turkey Trouble on the National Mall by A Capital Mystery

Publisher: Random House
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ISBN-13: 978-0-307-93220-4
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