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Speak of the Devil

A Greer Sands Mystery by Shari Shattuck

Speak of the Devil by Shari Shattuck

Review: Shari Shattuck has an uncanny insight into the heart of people who have the ability to see into the future and to perceive what is inside other people. She keeps the reader spellbound and turning page after page. She has the ability to make you feel the tension and the fear that is experienced by her characters.

The story in her second mystery in this series, Speak of the Devil, begins in the desert dry area of the hills of the windswept Angeles Crest. It is an area just waiting to burst into flames. Every year the fierce winds sweep across the dusty growth of these arid hills.

When the fires start they threaten the lives of residents and wildlife alike.

There are indications that the fires are deliberately set and there are many suspects in the cast of characters.

A greedy developer and her husband invade the beautiful untouched area and create havoc causing the locals to war among themselves.

Greer Sands and her son Joshua have the unique ability to see glimpses of the future. She sees auras, especially of those close to her. She has a sudden terrifying premonition of a devastating fire. She foresees her young pregnant friend having a beautiful baby girl but also sees great danger lurking around her in her future.

Joshua is also involved with using his talent to help an unlikely new friend who is threatened by his long dead father. Joshua is in imminent danger of losing his life as he tries to help his friend.

Because what Joshua and Greer see comes to them unbidden they are not always able to save the ones they love.

Many questions are answered and loving and tender resolutions occur.

This is an extra fine read that draws you in and keeps you turning the pages. It is as fast and furious as a forest fire and will keep you up all night.

Many characters appear but are all clearly defined and easy to follow. As you read you can smell the smoke and feel the heat of the fires.

The tension builds right up to the last few pages without one suspecting who is actually at fault for the fires and injuries and deaths.

This is an exceptional read that makes you want to see more of Shari Shattuck's work.

Special thanks to M. Hanna for contributing her review of Speak of the Devil.

Acknowledgment: Penguin Group provided a copy of Speak of the Devil for this review.

Review Copyright © 2008 — M. Hanna — All Rights Reserved
Reprinted with Permission

Location(s) referenced in Speak of the Devil: Los Angeles, California

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Speak of the Devil by Shari Shattuck

Speak of the Devil by A Greer Sands Mystery

Publisher: Signet
Format: Mass Market Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-0-451-22480-4
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List Price: $7.99

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