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Divine Geometry

by Geraldo Simas

Divine Geometry by Geraldo Simas

Review: Geraldo Simas pens a variation in the treasure seeking thriller adventure category with Divine Geometry, this time tracking artifacts purportedly written by famed mathematician Pythagoras.

While on an expedition in southern Italy, a team of archeologists come across a polished granite container in the shape of a perfect octahedron, one of the "five regular polyhedrons [that are] the riddle of the creation of the world." Inside they expect to find, and in fact do find, a collection of manuscripts. Unfortunately, the manuscripts are written in code and there is no Rosetta stone, as it were, to decipher them. Returning to their hotel, the relics are stored in a closet as they are too large for the hotel safe. By morning, all but one of the manuscripts have disappeared, apparently stolen during the night. News of the theft leaks out and a reporter, vacationing in the Mediterranean, is assigned to follow up. She's quickly drawn into the quest, not only for the missing relics, but also to discover what they may mean.

Divine Geometry is a stirring, well-paced novel and it's hard for the reader not to get caught up in the excitement as everyone takes two steps forward, one step backward in solving the puzzles surrounding the manuscripts. But there's also the sense that this path has been taken before. To be sure, the names and places have been changed, but the destination is the same. In addition, though the plot moves along briskly, there are numerous detours into history or geography lessons that are not only unnecessary but also somewhat distracting. It's as if the author wasn't able to seamlessly incorporate the information into the story or simply didn't have sufficient confidence in the reader to understand the situation within the context of the story. Finally, more than a few formatting errors in production result in a less than professional quality to the overall book.

In the end, Divine Geometry isn't an unwelcome entry in this increasingly overcrowded subgenre, it's just not a remarkable one.

Acknowledgment: Geraldo Simas provided a copy of Divine Geometry for this review.

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Location(s) referenced in Divine Geometry: Italy

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Divine Geometry by Geraldo Simas

Divine Geometry by

Publisher: Schiel & Denver
Format: Trade Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1-84903-008-3
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List Price: $9.99

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