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A Louis Morgon Mystery by Peter Steiner

L'Assassin by Peter Steiner

Review: Peter Steiner's second thriller to feature ex-CIA agent Louis Morgon, L' Assassin, is a gripping tale from the first page to the last.

It's been thirty years since ex-spy Louis Morgon was unceremoniously, and undeservedly, dismissed from the CIA. After his discharge Louis tried to put his chaotic life in order, repairing his broken marriage, re-establishing relationships with his children, and dealing with the loss of his career. But one of the most troubling aspects of his new life was the hostility of Hugh Bowes, his one time mentor and superior at the Agency. It was a long time later before Louis came to realize that it was Bowes who had engineered his professional destruction. Eventually the whole episode mutated in Louis' mind into a set of idealistic questions about truth, about justice, about the human soul, and about evil. Louis' memories began to dim after he left his home and went to Saint Leon sur Deme in France, where he has finally found a sort of peace. But once again Morgon believes Bowes is setting out to destroy his new life. And once again Morgon is engaged in battle this new life and the ones he loves.

A thief has broken into his home taking a few things, but nothing of any value, and no money was stolen. The thief was caught, pled guilty, and sent to prison. Later, though, as Louis was going through a drawer he noticed a tape was missing. This must have been what the thief wanted. But why? Soon thereafter, his good friend Jean Renard, a French police officer, noticed a tiny camera and microphone hidden in the kitchen of Louis' home. Now, Louis knows for sure he is being set up. And most likely on the orders of Hugh Bowes. Determined to expose him, Louis seeks information that he can use, traveling to Algeria, Canada, New York and finally to Washington D. C. Will he be able to protect his wife and children? Can he stop Hugh Bowes before Louis himself is arrested as a terrorist and a counter-spy?

The study in contrasts between the two men that face off in the story, Louis Morgon and Hugh Bowes, is one of the most compelling aspects of L' Assassin. Louis is a man of honor, a family man, a man who loves his country. Hugh shows little respect or regard for his job, the country he is sworn to protect, and the man he mentored for so many years. The tension that develops between the two as they try to outwit each other is palpable, and will keep the reader on the edge of their seat. The scope and of the story, and the detail of character, make for one incredible suspense thriller.

Special thanks to guest reviewer Betty of The Betz Review for contributing her review of L'Assassin.

Acknowledgment: Minotaur Books provided a copy of L'Assassin for this review.

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L'Assassin by Peter Steiner

L'Assassin by A Louis Morgon Mystery

Publisher: Minotaur Books
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