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A Thousand Falling Crows

A Historical Mystery by Larry D. Sweazy

A Thousand Falling Crows by Larry D. Sweazy

Review: Northwest Texas, 1934. The weather was hot and dry. Bonnie and Clyde were running rampant stealing and killing until they were finally ambushed by the Texas Rangers and killed. Sonny Burton was one of those Rangers. He was shot in the process and had to have his right arm amputated forcing his retirement from the Rangers. When he was well enough the janitor from the hospital drove Sonny home. While doing so he told Sonny about his teen-aged daughter, who had gotten herself mixed up with a couple of unsavory men. He wanted Sonny to see if he could find her and bring her home, in A Thousand Falling Crows, a novel of suspense by Larry D. Sweazy.

Sonny doesn't immediately agree to the request. Being right-handed, Sonny had a miserable time trying to get even the simplest of things done with his left hand. He remained home-bound, going out only for food. While in a grocery store, two young men with guns came in to rob the owner. Sonny was helpless. One of the men shot and killed the owner. Sonny noticed there was a young girl in the "get-away" car. Was this the janitor's daughter? If so, she was a criminal. The three escaped. At the same time, there had been horrible, despicable beatings and killings of young pregnant women in the area. No clues were ever left near the bodies. It appeared as they had been dropped from the sky. Sonny wanted to help, but was told since he was no longer a Ranger he could not. But, determined that he regain some semblance of his previous life back, that did not stop him from trying to find the janitor's daughter, and in doing so investigating the cases the murdered girls.

The two principal mysteries in A Thousand Falling Crows are interesting, but this is really a character study and what an incredible study it is. And, in a very touching way, Sonny working his way back to a normal life is contrasted with that of a dog he hit, but did not kill. He takes the dog in, names him Blue, and in restoring Blue's life he does the same for himself. A powerful, and often inspirational, story overall, with the bonus of having a mystery or two for Sonny to solve. Highly recommended.

Special thanks to guest reviewer Betty of The Betz Review for contributing her review of A Thousand Falling Crows.

Acknowledgment: Seventh Street Books provided an ARC of A Thousand Falling Crows for this review.

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A Thousand Falling Crows by Larry D. Sweazy

A Thousand Falling Crows by A Historical Mystery

Publisher: Seventh Street Books
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