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Out Cold

A Brady Coyne Mystery by William G. Tapply

Out Cold by William G. Tapply

Review: Boston attorney Brady Coyne investigates the circumstances surrounding the death of a teenage girl in Old Cold, the 22nd mystery in this long running series by William G. Tapply.

Though he was not responsible for the teenager's death, the fact she died in his backyard and his belief that he might have done something to save her drives Brady to learn her identity and the reasons behind her death. His investigation ultimately leads to a secluded estate in northern New Hampshire where he uncovers a family's shocking secrets.

Old Cold is, for the most part, a well constructed mystery. The plot is topical and the final resolution is unexpected. It is odd, however, that Brady has such a strong connection to a girl whom he had never known but who happened to die at his home, yet has little apparent remorse for two other women whom he had met and interacted with but were later presumably killed as a direct result of his involvement. Furthermore, the motive for the murders of these two women is never fully explained. They "knew something" but what it was or how they came about this information is never revealed. In the end, these two murders serve no purpose as they don't advance the plot in any meaningful way.

The longevity of the Brady Coyne series is a testament to the consistency of Tapply to write mystery fiction that not only sells well, but is interesting to read. Old Cold is typical of the series, but not among the best.

Acknowledgment: Minotaur Books provided an ARC of Out Cold for this review.

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Location(s) referenced in Out Cold: Boston, Massachusetts, New Hampshire

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Out Cold by William G. Tapply

Out Cold by A Brady Coyne Mystery

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