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The Reservoir

by John Milliken Thompson

The Reservoir by John Milliken Thompson

Review: The Reservoir, John Milliken Thompson's historical fact-inspired novel, is written in such a style that it not only makes for an interesting read but also takes me back to a time that I have only read about or seen on television.

Set in 1885 in Richmond Virginia, it starts with the discovery of the body of a young woman and a simple question posed by the police: murder or suicide. The dead woman is Lillian Madison, and she was pregnant, which in mid-19th century Richmond poses all sorts of contributing factors, racial and economic, that affect the investigation. A gold key and a letter lead to the arrest of Tommie Cluverius, a local young man.

Tommie professes his innocence, which falls on deaf ears at least at first.

What a good read this book is. I started it feeling sad for Lillian and her unborn child, and finished it almost in tears. Well written using the language of the time and place, this is not a typical crime novel.

Special thanks to Lynne Gordon for contributing her review of The Reservoir.

Acknowledgment: The Other Press provided a copy of The Reservoir for this review.

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Location(s) referenced in The Reservoir: Richmond, Virginia

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The Reservoir by John Milliken Thompson

The Reservoir by

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