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When Good Bras Go Bad

A Myrtle Crumb Mystery by Gayle Trent

When Good Bras Go Bad by Gayle Trent

Review: Gayle Trent's delightful second mystery in the Myrtle Crumb series, When Good Bras Go Bad, is a joy to read. It is, in a word, exceptional. Fully developed characters, a well thought out plot, and expressive and eloquent dialog, are all deftly composed in a book that runs less than 100 pages. Ironically, it may take longer to read When Good Bras Go Bad than a book three times as long, if only to savor every word.

As a mystery, Trent has included the appropriate suspense elements, but there are comedic moments as well: Myrtle musing about boob trenches is laugh out loud funny! At its core, however, When Good Bras Go Bad is a story about relationships.

Trent helpfully includes insightful reading group questions at the conclusion of the book that should serve as the basis for some interesting discussions.

When Good Bras Go Bad is a gem of a mystery for all readers, regardless of preferred genre. It is enthusiastically recommended.

Acknowledgment: Grace Abraham Publishing provided a copy of When Good Bras Go Bad for this review.

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When Good Bras Go Bad by Gayle Trent

When Good Bras Go Bad by A Myrtle Crumb Mystery

Publisher: Grace Abraham Publishing
Format: Trade Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-0-9741090-7-7
Publication Date:
List Price: $8.95

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