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Only the Hunted Run

A Neely Tucker Mystery by Neely Tucker

Only the Hunted Run by Neely Tucker

Review: It is a hot August day in the nation's capital as investigative reporter Sully Carter is doing a routine assignment for his newspaper in the Capitol when sounds of gunfire erupt. Sully's war-correspondent reflexes take over and he finds himself crawling over and around the dead and dying as he is trying to get to the source of the gunfire. He didn't find the shooter but he did find the body of a man, bound and gagged, with a stainless steel ice pick stuck into each eye. He was the Congressman from Oklahoma. He also heard, but could not see, the shooter call 9-1-1, telling about the murder of the Congressman and apologizing for the deaths of the innocent victims. He gave his name as Terry Waters. He then made a clean get-away from the police, in Only the Hunted Run, the third mystery in this series by Neely Tucker.

Sully's story made the front page of the paper. The killer, Terry Waters, was so impressed he called Sully and asked to talk to him, in person. But Waters was captured and taken to jail before that could happen, where he was not allowed to speak to anyone but his attorney. And he would not talk to her. When he appeared in court Terry made such a scene that the judge had him transferred to St. Elizabeths Mental Facility for observation and diagnosis of his mental state. Meanwhile, Sully was sent to Oklahoma to get all the information he could dig up on who was now known as Terry Running Waters. When a local sheriff told Sully that they must have the wrong man as Terry Running Waters had died years ago, they went back through his history and found a friend with whom he had grown up. This man, George Harper, was the shooter. Plus, it was revealed that Harper's family had a deep connection with St. Elizabeths. Sully knew he had to get back to D.C. and somehow get inside of the St. Elizabeths and talk to George, as quickly as possible and no matter the consequences.

Only the Hunted Run is an interesting, though very complicated plotted mystery. The story is based on true facts about St. Elizabeths and the doctors who worked there in the '40s and '50s, who performed lobotomies on their patients in an effort to "cure" them. There is a solidly developed cast characters, most especially the lead, Sully Carter, who, besides the trauma of the shooting and traveling to get information that exposed the truth behind the shooter exposing him to the possibility that he could lose his job because of "crossing the line" of journalism, he has taken in his fifteen-year-old nephew for the school year. The element of his family life does add a touch of humor to an otherwise grim story. Then, too, there is a hint of romance thrown in for good measure. A good, but at times difficult, novel of suspense.

Acknowledgment: Penguin Group provided a copy of Only the Hunted Run for this review.

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Location(s) referenced in Only the Hunted Run: Washington D.C.; Oklahoma

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Only the Hunted Run by Neely Tucker

Only the Hunted Run by A Neely Tucker Mystery

Publisher: Viking
Format: Hardcover
ISBN-13: 978-0-525-42942-5
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