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Shadow on Cant-Dog Hill

by John H. Vibber

Shadow on Cant-Dog Hill by John H. Vibber

Review: Shadow on Cant-Dog Hill, John H. Vibber's debut novel, is much more than a mystery (though all the requisite elements are present): it is a tale of love and the power of incredibly close friendships.

Set in a remote village in northeast Vermont (the so-called "Northeast Kingdom"), tragedy strikes a group of friends who call themselves "The Gang". Reilly Bostwich, a high school teacher and divorced single parent of 8-year-old Amy, is arrested for the murder of his ex-wife Klarissa. Just the day before the discovery of her frozen body, found tied to a cant-dog on Reilly's property, someone had tried, but ultimately failed, to abduct Amy. The evidence against Reilly is more than circumstantial: blood stains and the rifle used to kill Klarissa are found in Reilly's basement. There's motive as well: after their divorce, Reilly was given custody of Amy after Klarissa tried, contrary to court orders, to move her to England. The police believe Klarissa returned to Vermont to take her daughter, Reilly found out, and killed her.

But Reilly has the "gang" on his side, in particular, Adele Clayton. Adele, also the single parent of an 8-year-old girl, and Reilly were planning a live together as a family. Her love for Reilly, and belief in his innocence, is what drives her, together with the gang, to prove that despite the overwhelming evidence someone else killed Klarissa.

Shadow on Cant-Dog Hill is truly a remarkable novel. The murder mystery plot is well developed and the setting appropriately descriptive, but what sets the story apart is the relationships between the characters. This is a group of people who are serious about the task they face, realistic in their expectations of achieving it, but committed to seeing it through, all the while acting with devotion and good humor. Shadow on Cant-Dog Hill is highly recommended.

Special thanks to guest reviewer Betty of The Betz Review for contributing her review of Shadow on Cant-Dog Hill.

Acknowledgment: John H. Vibber provided a copy of Shadow on Cant-Dog Hill for this review.

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Location(s) referenced in Shadow on Cant-Dog Hill: Vermont

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Shadow on Cant-Dog Hill by John H. Vibber

Shadow on Cant-Dog Hill by

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