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Fall from Grace

A David Raker Mystery by Tim Weaver

Fall from Grace by Tim Weaver

Review: Leonard Franks, a superintendent of police in London, retired after more than twenty years of honored service. He and his wife, Ellie, moved from their busy life in London to the quiet secluded countryside of Dartmoor. On a January evening, after only two years of rural life, Leonard walked out of their home to get some firewood, a chore that normally took about two minutes. But, on this evening Franks did not return with the firewood. In fact, he did not return at all. He just seemed to have disappeared, in Fall from Grace, the fifth mystery in this series by Tim Weaver.

Ellie ran all over the grounds looking for him, but he was no place to be found. His keys, wallet, mobile phone and credit cards were all in the house. Did he leave on his own or was he taken by someone? There were no unusual footprints, no tire tracks and no signs of a struggle. The police had an active search going for him for nine months. They could find no traces whatsoever of Leonard Franks. His daughter, DCI Melanie Craw of the London Police Department, was no longer allowed to continue in the search for her father. The files were turned over to those in charge of cold cases. In desperation she contacted David Raker, a former London news journalist, now a private investigator whose forte is tracking down missing persons. No case he had ever taken prepared him for what he was about to find in his search for Leonard Franks. Indeed, behind Franks' disappearance was a deadly secret that no one was ever supposed to find. Raker's search took him from the unassuming quietness of Dartmoor to the sordid alleys and back streets of London to the creepy halls of a deserted mental hospital. As Raker begins to unravel a complicated web of riddles filled with lies and suspicious uncertainties, he realizes he is placing himself, those he was trying to help, and everyone he cared about, in danger.

Fall from Grace is an exceptional mystery with as its foundation the intense but very likeable character of David Raker. He is a widower, who just recently found out he had fathered a daughter when he was in his teens. The mother has since died and he is now trying to solidify a new relationship with his daughter and her young sister, who was born later in their mother's life. This becomes hard while continues to do his job as best he can. The storyline has many extraordinary and unexpected twists, keeping the reader on edge as the Raker's investigation unfolds. A solid effort overall, and highly recommended.

Special thanks to guest reviewer Betty of The Betz Review for contributing her review of Fall from Grace.

Acknowledgment: Penguin Group provided a copy of Fall from Grace for this review.

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Fall from Grace by Tim Weaver

Fall from Grace by A David Raker Mystery

Publisher: Viking
Format: Hardcover
ISBN-13: 978-0-399-56257-0
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