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The Wrong Man

by Kate White

The Wrong Man by Kate White

Review: Kit Finn, a prosperous interior decorator in New York City, is on a trip to the Florida Keys, where she plans to mix a little business with pleasure. She feels her life away from her business is rather dull and she feels a need to take a more proactive approach to dealing with her social life. On her last night in Islamorada she meets Matt Healy and immediately feels a connection with him. They have dinner and drinks and spend the night together. Matt says he is not ready for a long term relationship. Nor, in fact, was she, having just ended one. Still, there is that connection. On the way to the airport Matt calls Kit and asks her to have dinner with him the following week in his apartment in New York, to which she readily agrees. When she arrives at his apartment, Matt Healy answers the door, but it was not the Matt Healy she had met in Florida. From that moment on, her somewhat reticent life takes a turn and she moves into an unrestrained life of deception, lies, break-ins, thefts and murder in The Wrong Man, a novel of suspense by Kate White.

The real Matt Healy explains that his identity had recently been stolen. He persuades her to come to his office the next day and talk to his security personnel about the man she had met in Florida. That same day Healy flies to Miami, where he is killed by a hit and run driver. Kit learns that "X", as she has come to think of the man she met in Islamorada, is supposed to be in Miami that day, too. Is this just a coincidence? Or is "X" a killer. Kit calls the police in Miami trying to explain how she knows Healy and also the New York City police. Neither are all that interested. Then "X" begins to call her wanting to explain what is going on. Feeling she shouldn't meet him, she gives in and meets him. He is in hiding but tries to assure Kit that she is not to worry. But soon afterwards she knows someone has been in her apartment although nothing was taken. A few days later her apartment is ransacked and made to look like a simple robbery. Jewelry is taken and a couple of silver antiques. She contacts the police, but they think it was someone wanting to find money or something to pawn for drugs. Kit, however, thinks someone must believe she has something important but she has no idea what it could be. "X" contacts her again and this time tells her his real name is Garrett Kelman. He had worked with Healy and there was a dangerous undertaking going on at their office. He begs Kit not to contact the police again. He needs her trust. Soon thereafter, a woman is killed on the back steps of Kit's apartment building. How is she supposed to trust a man when so much danger is lurking so close to her?

The Wrong Man is a very intense, exciting suspense novel. The characters are well defined, from Kit to the women she works with and her clients, to Garrett and his associates. At every twist in the book, there is a dramatic turn taking the reader in a new direction. The pacing is nearly perfect, keeping the story moving forward with few distractions. Overall, a strongly plotted book that will keep readers engaged to the very last page.

Special thanks to guest reviewer Betty of The Betz Review for contributing her review of The Wrong Man.

Acknowledgment: HarperCollins provided a copy of The Wrong Man for this review.

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Location(s) referenced in The Wrong Man: Florida Keys; New York City.

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The Wrong Man by Kate White

The Wrong Man by

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