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The Trunk in the Attic

An Undercover Kids Adventure by Gloria Smith Zawaski

The Trunk in the Attic by Gloria Smith Zawaski

Review: Do you want to travel to different places around the world without ever having to leave your house? Then The Undercover Kids' Holland Adventure The Trunk in the Attic is for you. This is the first book in The Undercover Kids' series by Gloria Smith Zawaski. Katie is a ten year old who has a 7 year old brother named Jake. These two kids are The Undercover Kids who are able to use their bracelets to travel through a secret hole to different parts of the world. Cooper, their crazy dog, gets to go with them.

When Katie and Jake get to their Aunt Jean's house, they start to dig a hole with Cooper. They are trying to dig to China! The next day they hear Cooper barking, and when they look they see a boy coming out of a manhole. The boy's name is Dirk. Dirk asks them if they want to come with him, but Katie and Jake aren't sure so Dirk just leaves to go back home. Then Katie and Jake learn about the Undercover Kids and the next morning they leave with Cooper to travel to Holland through their secret hole. While they are in Holland, Katie and Jake have a lot of fun and meet a lot of interesting people. But, they end up losing Cooper and must find him. Plus, to get home, they have to do a good deed.

This book was a great book. If there could be a 10 star rating, I'd give it 10 stars! I liked it so much, that I read it in one day. I really liked the way the author set up the story. It made me feel like I was Katie since I'm also 10 years old and have a brother (but he's not 7). I also liked the characters. Katie is very spunky and Jake is always hungry. Plus, Cooper is very crazy in the beginning of the story. The neatest part of the story is being able to travel to Holland. I learned a lot about Holland by reading the book. It's a lot like The Magic Tree House books in that way. It's a great way to learn about different places. The website is also a lot of fun. They have story contests. I'd love to be an Undercover Kid and can't wait until the next book which is supposed to be published this fall. I hope they go to Paris!

Special thanks to Alex Nauert for contributing his review of The Trunk in the Attic.

Acknowledgment: The Exciting Read Publishing Group provided a copy of The Trunk in the Attic for this review.

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Location(s) referenced in The Trunk in the Attic: The Netherlands

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The Trunk in the Attic by Gloria Smith Zawaski

The Trunk in the Attic by An Undercover Kids Adventure

Publisher: Exciting Read Publishing Group
Format: Hardcover
ISBN-13: 978-1-935373-00-1
Publication Date:
List Price: $16.95

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